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Paul Ekman International plc (PEI) was established to make emotional skills and deception programs more widely accessible.'ss-Professionals/191890858629

A Facebook page created to be a focal   point for the support of professionals in service to those with   autism and Asperger's.

Learn about their programs & efforts in developing countries.



Asperger's Services Australia is a volunteer not for profit organization established in 1995, and  provides support to parents, careers, families, individuals, service providers and professionals.

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping people on the Autism Spectrum achieve their potential. Aspect builds confidence and capacity with people on the autism spectrum, their families and their communities.

This Australian website is a guide for parents, professionals and people with Asperger's Syndrome and their partners.  In this site you will find issues related to Asperger's   Syndrome, resources, resource papers that Tony Wood has authored, related topics and Tony's presentation schedule.


An education center based in Canada that focuses on hosting workshops across Canada and in the United Kingdom and by providing resource support both in Canada and abroad, the Autism Awareness Centre is committed to ensuring information reaches all communities, leading the way for change.

United Kingdom

Talk about Autism is an online discussion forum and community for parents, careers and family members of children with Autism, people on the spectrum, and professionals.  It’s a safe and friendly place to share their story, get support and discuss how autism impacts on their life. They are a registered charity in England and Wales.

A leading UK charity for people with   autism and their families.

The Family Fund helps families with   disabled children to have choices and the opportunity to enjoy ordinary life.
Cerebra try to provide products and services that give practical support and assistance to help directly improve the lives of  children with brain related conditions as well as providing information to help parents and careers to optimize the quality of life of their child.

Happy Days fund and organize holidays, residential trips, days out and theatre trips throughout the UK for disadvantaged young people with special needs. They help young   people in special needs schools, in hospitals and in hospices and individual families.

Research Autism is the only UK charity exclusively dedicated to research into interventions to autism.


Offering Help, Support and Information regarding Asperger's Syndrome.

The North East Autism Society provides a wide – and ever growing – range of services for children, young people and adults who have Autism Spectrum conditions.

Located in  Alvechurch, Worcestershire, they have monthly meetings, which are of interest to parents. Families from outside the area are welcome to attend.

Autonomy is a Shropshire support group for young people and adults who have Asperger's Syndrome, (diagnosed or undiagnosed). It is run by Sara and Eric Heath who have personal experience of Asperger's Syndrome.

United States


Alabama Autism & Asperger's support free videos, info, live chat. Ask questions to Special Ed. Attorney,   BCBA, Speech, & OT groups! All Free!



Asperger's information and resources in San Diego.


Orange County Asperger's Support Group.'ss-org/

A monthly support group that meets in Orange County, CA.'s/

San Francisco Adult Asperger's Self Help Meetup.


The focus of their services is for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism. For over 100 years. They have continually served the Delaware Valley.  Ken Crest is the largest provider of community-based services and supports in the region.


New England's_syndrome/getting_help_Asperger's_adults.html

Asperger's Association of New England.



Portland Asperger's Network is a parent support organization in Portland, Oregon.
They assist families and people living with Asperger's Syndrome,   High Functioning Autism (HFA), PDD-NOS and an umbrella of high-functioning autism spectrum disorders.



Seattle Asperger's Support provides social thinking groups for children in 1st  through 5th grade with Asperger's Syndrome, PDD-NOS, High Functioning Autism, ADHD and   neurotypical children who need social skills.'s-support-network-seattle

The Asperger's Support Network provides information and resources to families and individuals living with   Asperger's Syndrome, Non-verbal Learning Disorder, High-Functioning Autism, and related conditions.