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Helping people to overcome their challenges; to persevere; to complete their life journey safely. To protect what some would seek to harm. These characteristics embody the very ideals that a chivalric order is expected to represent. These characteristics  are the driving force behind the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross.

Our mission is to aid those with Autism. In 2010, the United States Center for Disease Control estimated that 1 in 68 children had some form of Autism. Parents of children with Autism and adults with Autism often feel isolated, alienated, and misunderstood. The members, volunteers, and friends of the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross serve to aid these individuals by being a grass roots resource to help fund local service centers. Our members also provide guidance, advice, and education to assist members of their community to understand and to help them adapt to society.


The Order was founded by His Royal Highness, the Grand Doux of St. Cyriacus, Tetrarch of Tiggiano. H.R.H. gained inspiration for the Order from his daughter who has Asperger’s Syndrome and from the Order of St. Lazarus, which was founded by the Knights Hospitaller of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1098 to help those stricken with leprosy.

H.R.H. has revived his family’s tradition of forming chivalric orders to help others by establishing the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross. The Order serves to help children with Autism and to honor individuals that display high moral character, promote charity, and who display a dedication to aid those less fortunate. His Royal Highness invites anyone who shares his belief in creating good will towards others and serving to protect those in need to join the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross by contributing as you are able or by petitioning to become a Knight of the Order.


To improve our ability to help children, the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross restructured itself in 2014 and is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We still maintain our Chivalric traditions thus giving our supporters many ways to contribute and help with our cause. A tax deductable donation is one very important way but we also could not be effective without the dedicated support of our volunteers who give their time and tallents.

Some have taken the commitment to become a Knight or Dame in the Order. Acceptance to the Order is in no any way employment by the non-profit corporation, but rather, it is a very special form of volunteer service that is not granted to everyone who applies. We take our mission of service and the chivalric traditions we continue very seriously and uphold applicants and members of the Order to high standards of honesty and integrity. Those who are accepted to our ranks are knighted by His Royal Highness with the blessing of the Orthodox Church and have the opportunity to continue a chivalric tradition unique in this age through service in the Orders of the True Cross.