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Order of Saint Andrew the First Called of the Americas


Peter the Great established the Order of Saint Andrew the First Called in 1698. He was inspired to create the state award after witnessing award ceremonies for England's Order of the Garter and Austria's Order of the Golden Fleece. Named in honor of Saint Andrew, the first apostle of Jesus and the patron saint of Russia, the Order was bestowed for outstanding civilian or military merit.

The Order was discontinued after the Russian revolution of 1917 and remained officially unrecognized during the Soviet era. An order of the same name, but with different statues, was established by the Orthodox Church of Russian on December 27, 1998. It is the highest tribute of the Church and is bestowed on heads of state, celebrated public figures, and other accomplished high-profile individuals.The Order was officially re-instated as the highest state award for civilian and military service by the Russian Federation on June 1, 1997.

In 2015, the Enthroned Patriarch of North America of Russian Orthodox Church in America began to bestow the Order under authority granted by the Russian Orthodox Church. In addition outstanding civil service, those considered for the award have typically achieved the rank of Knight Commander in the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross and actively demonstrate a commitment to helping others.

The Order bestowed by the Enthroned Patriarch is unique in that those accepting the award also agree to help protect the True Cross of Anatolia, one of the largest known pieces of the cross upon which Jesus was crucified. This most holy relic is under the care and protection of the Russian Orthodox Church in America. In  promising to take reasonable actions within their power for the protection and care of the True Cross of Anatolia, members join the highest echelon of the Orders of the True Cross, a trio of chivalric orders dedicated to helping those in need and protecting the True Cross. These are one of the very few orders still in existence continuing the ancient chivalric duties of helping other and protecting holy relics of the Christian faith.

The Enthroned Patriarch of North America, His Holiness Symeon, The Archbishop of Denver and Santa Fe, Metropolitan of the West at Russian Orthodox Church and Archhieromonk at Skete of Svtloan Maximovitch, passed full control  the Order of Saint Andrew the First Called in the Americas to the new Grand Master, His Royal Highnesses, The Grand Doux of St. Cyriacuz, Tetrarch of Tiggiano,