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Awarded the Pour le Merite


 H.R.H. the  Doux of St Cyriacus awarded the Pour le Merite to US Army Sargent Charles Breeden at the Joint Lewis-McChord Base in Washington State during the uncovering of colors. The medal was given for humanitarian services rendered in the field during deployment.

While on a mission, Sgt Breeden was called to saved the life of an influential tribal leader. The leader was saved through Sgt. Breeden's quick response and skill. 

Sargent Breeden formally presented with the Pour le Merite by HSH Douglas Bailey.

Due to Sgt. Breeden's actions, this leader rethought his position in life and his attitude towards American military service personnel. Through interpreters, the tribal leader invited Sgt. Breeden to become a member of the tribe. Upon approval from his command, his entire unit was invited to a feast with one of the Imam present.

After that event US troops met with total cooperation. Rather than hostility, they were met with friendship and many lives were spared, this was accomplished with compassion and a medical kit. My personal thanks and congratulations to Sgt Charles Breeden!

Autism Fundraising Mideval Themed Dinner


A fund raising event for the Portland Autism Network. Members of the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross hosted a midevil dinner and fencing demonstration for the children. H.R.H.  Douglas Bailey dressed in period costume as he gave a presentation to the audience.

Make-A-Wish Donation


Sir Bian Baity (back row, left) participated awarding the local Make-A-Wish Foundation with a check for $20,100.

Fundraiser for the Portland Autism Network


A backyard fundraiser and gathering for members of the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross and supporters. Proceeds went to the Portland Autism Network.

Craftsmanship on Display


The Order of the Knights of the True Cross. Splended artistry and craftsmanship by Sir Carl Lemke who, in addition to makeing the medals for various Royal Houses and chivalric orders, make the regalia for the Orders of the True Cross.