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Knights of the True Cross



Helping those in need; it is one of the principles of chivalric tradition that is as needed today as it ever was. Indeed, in the 14th Century, the Duke of Burgundy listed charity as the second tenant of his Knight's Code of Chivalry. Written between 1098 and 1100, the Song of Roland listed protecting the weak and defenseless as well as to give succout to windows and children is it's top virtues of a Knight. Living out these principles, The Knights Hospitallers was founded in the 11th century to care for the sick and the poor in addition to defending the Church. As a Christian Order, the Knights of the True Cross continues these noble principles in accordance to Holy Scripture to help the needy and poor (Deuteronomy 15:11, James 1:27, Acts 20:35). We continue in the tradition of Leon Gautier's La Chevalerie whose Ten Commandments of Chivalry included the following:

       1.  Believe the Church’s teachings and observe all the Church’s directions
2. Defend the Church
3. Respect and defend the weak

Specifically, we have chosen respect and defend the weak by encouraging children in hospitals. We do what we can to lift their spirits and hopefully give them strength and encouragement during their time of need.


The Knights Templar was known for much of it's long and storied history as defenders of Christendom and of the holy relics of Christianity. Of these relics, none commanded the respect of the Templar's more than their cherished pieces of the True Cross of Christ. Our Order, the Knights of the True Cross, is privileged to partner with the Russian Orthodox Church in America to be protectors of one of the largest sections of the True Cross known to exist; The True Cross of Anatolia. We believe the Knights of the True Cross is the only chivalric order still in existence that continues the Templar mission to protect a Holy Relic of the True Cross as a physical reminder and testament to the suffering of Christ and the free gift of salvation offered to the world as a result of His sacrifice.


The Knights of the True Cross is a sponsored Order of the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross which is run by His Royal Highness, the Grand Doux of St. Cyracus, Tetrach of Tiggiano, and is structured as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We still maintain our Chivalric traditions thus giving our supporters many ways to contribute and help with our cause. A tax deductible donation to the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross specified to help with the work and mission of the Knights of the True Cross is one very important way help. We could not, however, be effective without the dedicated support of our volunteers who give their time and talents. Our volunteers and members enable us to encourage hospitalized children and to aid in spreading the Good News of salvation through our work with the True Cross and our close partnership with the Russian Orthodox Church in America.

Some have taken the commitment to become a Knight or Dame in the Order. Acceptance to the Order is in no any way employment by the non-profit corporation nor is one required to be a member of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is, rather, it is a very special form of volunteer service that is not granted to everyone who applies. We take our mission of service and chivalric tradition very seriously and uphold applicants and members of the Order to high standards of honesty and integrity. Also, as a Christian Order, all Knights and Dames must agree to respect both the teachings of the Bible and the Russian Orthodox Church in America. Those who are accepted to our ranks are knighted by His Serene Highness with the blessing of the Orthodox Church and have the opportunity to continue a chivalric tradition unique in this age through service in the Orders of the True Cross.