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Grand Chaplain

Grand Chaplain for the Orders

 His Excellency, Archbishop Brendan Rumph OSN, in ecclesia Mar Gabriel, is the presiding bishop of the Eaglais Uilíoch Ársa Solas Chríost (EUASC), and Navigator General of the Ordo Sancti Navigatio. Mar Gabriel also serves as the Grand Chaplain of the Triune Orders of the True Cross, a trio of chivalric orders dedicated to philanthropic works and devotional acts, whose origin and Fontes Honorum resides in the Office and Person of HRH Douglas Buchannan Bailey, the duly elected, elevated, anointed and appointed Mega Doux (Grand Duke) of Saint Cyriacuz and Tetrarch of Tiggiano, as well as the Head and Chief of Arms of the Sovereign Princely and Grand Ducal House of Bailey