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Dynastic Order of the Green Cross

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Helping Children with autism

Coat of Arms for His Royal Highness, Douglas Bailey, 
Motto: Glaodh Sgrios (Cry Havoc)

His Royal Highness Douglas bailey

Grand Doux of Saint Cyriacuz and Tetrarch of Tiggiano


His Royal Highness is canonically and sacramentally called, elected, anointed and elevated to the offices of Mega (Grand) Doux of Saint Cyriacuz and Tetrarch of Tiggiano  by the anointed hands of the legitimate tenth Patriarch of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, His Beatitude, Metropolitan Symeon (Seraphim) Holdridge, Archbishop of Denver and the West, Titular Archbishop of Stavropolis, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church in America, Eparch of the Americas, and Evangelizer of Central and South America. As His Beatitude +Symeon was an Apostolic inheritor of the lineage and charism of the Russian Orthodox Church – the Third Rome, he possessed the right and prerogative to sacramentally elevate, anoint, and ennoble a duly called and elected Clan Chief of House and Arms. (1). Show above is the Coat of Arms for HRH. The motto is Glaodh Sgrios (Cry Havoc)


Orders of the true cross


His Royal Highness is the Grand Master of the Triune Order of the True Cross which have their origin and
authority from The Sovereign Princely Grand Ducal House of Bailey, The Triune Orders are Christian chivalric orders that are dedicated to helping the needy, specifically, children and young adults with Autism, and supporting the activities of the Christian church regardless of denomination. 

The Triune Orders of the True Cross are, in order of precedence,

  • The Order of Saint Andrew the First-Called in the Americas
  • The Dynastic Order of the Green Cross
  • The Order of the Knights of the True Cross



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The House of Bailey traces its lineage to Count Simon John De Bailey Bailleul (1051-1098). Originally a family association created in 1893 and with recorded minutes dating from 1984, the House of Bailey embraces all variants of the family spelling. During an international gathering of the family in September 1994, HRH Douglas Bailey was unanimously voted as the Chief and Armorial Head of the House of Bailey. He was sworn in by Dale Imbue as the first “Chief of the Clan”. Clan Bailey Society International welcomes all who wish to join us to understand and celebrate their family heritage.